SAS Bangalore


Sri Aurobindo Society Bangalore’s charter is to carry out the work for which the Mother has created Sri Aurobindo Society.


Sri Aurobindo Society was started by the Mother in 19th September 1960. She was not only the founder and the Executive President but also remains its guiding force. From a very small beginning, over the years, the Society has grown into an international organization working in diverse fields of life.

In 1972, the Centenary Year of Sri Aurobindo’s birth, the Mother said in a message:

Sri Aurobindo belongs to the future; he is the messenger of the future. He still shows us the way to follow in order to hasten the realisation of a glorious future fashioned by the Divine will.

All these who want to collaborate for the progress of humanity and for India’s luminous destiny must unite in a clairvoyant aspiration and in an illumined work.

This message beautifully describes in a nutshell, the purpose, and the work of the Society.

The Mother herself laid the foundation of the Society, a strong base on which it could grow and spread like a Banyan tree. The Constitution and Memorandum of Association bear her signature as the President, dated 19 September 1960.


It is the symbol of Sri Aurobindo, with lines joining the apexes of the two triangles to form a diamond. The significance of the diamond, according to Sri Aurobindo, is the Mother’s light at its intensest. While Sri Aurobindo was the medium of Divine consciousness and the Supermind, the Mother became the bridge between Sri Aurobindo and the world of the Sadhaks and Seekers.

She gave it the motto

“To know is good,to live is better, to be, that is perfect”


The membership of the Society is open to everyone, everywhere who believes in and would like to work for the realization of the ideals of the Society. All the members receive the monthly All India Magazine published by the Society.

Joining the Society is only a first step towards participating in the change that is coming in the world. Members are encouraged to mould their life and work according to higher ideals. They can write to the Society’s head office at Puducherry for details of any project in which they would like to participate.


To collaborate for this work volunteers have taken up responsibilities of various departments, below is the list:

Administration and InformationSmt. Neelam
Sales Department Sri Shivanandan
Morning Service Smt. Mudha 
Study ClassesSri S.S. Lahiri
Bhavan UpkeepSri Sukant 
Sri Shivanandan
Repair and MaintenanceSri Sashidhar
Sri Shivanandan
Kitchen Sri Sukant 
GardenSmt. Neelam 
Smt. Parul
Accounts Smt. Neelam
ProgrammesSmt. Yamini 
Yoga Class Smt. Anshu